[mythtv] Autodiscovery Patch for MythFrontend.

David mythtv at theblains.net
Tue May 22 01:01:11 UTC 2007

> I've been looking into autodiscovery and came across this message and
> one from about a year ago (during the SoC project) also associated
> with a closed ticket (due to the SoC project mfd work... which was
> never completed TTBOMK, that ticket can be seen:
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/750 ).  I realize I'm showing my
> naive side, but I'm not that familiar with UPnP yet.  Does this patch
> make it so a frontend can basically just "work" as in (for example):
> Lets say I have a backend running with this patch applied and I throw
> a knoppmyth CD (for asumption lets assume it's running the same SVN
> revision...) with this patch applied.  After bootup can I just start
> using my frontend?  Or is there still a requirement to use a keyboard
> (or SSH) connected to the frontend to perform some setup?
> Thank you!
> -Chad

Yes, with this patch applied to the frontend (the backend does not need this
patch, it just needs to be SVN from a month or so ago), it will discover
available backends and prompt the user to choose one.  No editing mysql.txt

The only thing about this patch is the GUI needs work.  It's fully
functional, but looks bad.  Also, I've been told that it may have issues
working with a remote (something about not having a default button... I
don't remember the details).


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