[mythtv] Help required in adding new Font in mythtv

Asheesh Chaddha chaddha.asheesh at gmail.com
Thu May 17 05:08:08 UTC 2007


I was wondering if anyone can help me with installing fonts for mythtv
(independent of Linux distribution)?  I know that QFont class uses a font
selection algorithm which automatically selects a font from the installed
fonts in the system, if a declared font is not found.

I intend using Arial font for my display for mythtv, I have the font file (
Arial.ttf) but I do not know where to place the file in the mythtv directory
or what changes are required to be made in the makefile.
I have done some experiments by putting Font file in particular theme or
adding it in theme.pro to install it but still no success. Another option
which I could think of is adding in QT( where QT places its fonts) as it
seems mythtv is using QT methods to search for particular font but it will
be best if I can add this information in make file and it get installed at
particular location.

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