[mythtv] Client type detection...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Tue May 15 14:54:03 UTC 2007


I am New to mythtv development (probably will be asking for help getting 
  MythTV SVN to compile on a RedHat FC6 system later on) and wanted to 
ask questions to find a starting point (i.e. Has this been talked about? 
  Does the feature already exist?  That sort of first timer stuff) for a 
new mythtv features (I think).

As a MythTV user w/an HD tuner and several thin clients (media 
extenders?  `that the right name?), I wanted to make the user experience 
more fluid.  That is, I want these things to do what people expect them 
to do. I am using mvpmc.org on a MediaMVP and also have a 
SigmaDesign/Syabas client. They both can be clients to mythtv, but there 
are times....

The mvpmc (mvpmc.org on a MediaMVP) box has a mythtv client built in.  I 
think it's the only thin client that can lay claim to this.  However, it 
can not handle the high bandwidth HD recordings that mythtv offers up. 
It also has trouble w/the audio of recordings mythtv records from an 
ATSC (digital) source.

If mythtv could identify it's clients and automatically transcode any 
media they might have a problem w/, that would greatly improve the 
experience (i.e. that fluid thing I was talking about).  That is to say, 
thing would just work!

I believe the SigmaDesign/Syabas client I have understands a simplified 
yet extended HTML specifically designed for media players. WizD and 
Swisscenter make use of this.  The idea is that there is enough in this 
version of HTML to make menus that a remote control can negotiate.

Again, if mythtv could identify it's clients it could offer up such 
menus to the select few that could understand them.

So, has this been done already?

If not, where and how do you add these feature?


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