[mythtv] Waking slaves with an always-on master

Russ W. Knize rknize at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 03:35:37 UTC 2007

I asked this on mythtv-users, but no one seemed to know (some one else
is also asking about it).  I also searched the archives back a couple of
years, but did not find anything.

When discussing shutdown/wake with respect to slave backends, the
documentation states that slaves will shutdown when the master shuts
down, if configured to do so.  It does not address whether the master
backend is smart enough to wake slaves only when their tuner is required
to resolve a conflict and shut them down when they are done (or let the
slaves shut themselves down if they are going to be idle).

My master backend has a lot of other duties and is always on.  It has a
PVR-500 in it.  I also have two slave backends on the network (which
happen to be frontends as well, but I'll deal with that later), one with
a PVR-250 and another with a pair of pcHDTV HD-3000 cards.  This is due
to lack of PCI slots in the master and for other logistical reasons.

Does Myth have the necessary logic to do this?  If not, can someone give
me a nudge in the right direction to enhance this functionality?


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