[mythtv] MythVideo Plugin Questions

Ryan Farrington Ryan.Farrington at match.com
Tue May 15 03:16:42 UTC 2007

Please accept my apologies when the readme says to subscribe to the -dev for
additional information I figured this is where it would go.  

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On May 14, 2007, at 4:38 PM, Ryan Farrington wrote:

> #1)  Is there anyway to autopopulate the videos instead of going to 
> Setup -> Video Manager?  Ex: I put 15-20 new videos on the PVR a week 
> and it would be nice to have it auto populate as files are uploaded.
> #2)  While using MythVideo is there anyway to type what I am looking 
> for.
> My root is 54 folders, each with sub folders or files. If I was 
> looking for something specific, ex: Rain Drops, and it is 35th in the 
> list I have to scroll all the way down and find it when, to me, it 
> would be way easier to be able to hit the 7 on my remote and have it 
> move down to the PQRS's in the list.

Heard you the first time 7 hours ago in the users mailing list where these
questions belong.
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