[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r13440 by danielk

John reidjr at btconnect.com
Fri May 11 11:13:39 UTC 2007

Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
>>> Instead of assuming that channels with the same callsign have the same programming we do two things.
>>>  * If the channum and the callsign are the same and one channel is busy and not another we replace the busy one with the non-busy one in the guide, including showing the guide data for the new channel instead of the old.
>> I would say you have a hard-coded USA assumption here. In Europe at 
>> least the channum can be anything, and is often used by people to arange 
>> the order of channels to their liking. This is true whether you are 
>> talking analog TV or DVB.
>> Also, how do you handle the following situation, where a channel can be 
>> received from 3 sources:
>> - analog cable
>> - digital cable
>> - digital Satellite
>> I have some channels like that.... And although i have manually ensured 
>> the callsigns are the same on all three, the EPG often are not, as the 
>> sources for them are different:
>> - analog cable uses a grabber
>> - digital cable uses EIT
>> - satellite uses EIT.
>> Which means the descriptions on the programs can be 3 times different
> I have a similar situation and I handle that by using one source of EPG 
> information (the best available one, which in my case is XMLTV from web) 
> for all three channels thus Daniel's new algorithm would work for me. 
> Wouldn't it make sense for you to use the same EPG if the channels' 
> content is really identical?
I have the same situation in the UK. Exactly the same TV broadcasts are 
carried on both DVB-T and DVB-S [BBC1, BBC2 etc] The DVB-T multiplexes 
carry full 7 day EPG, but the DVB-S only carry Now and Next. The default 
answer is to use a grabber to populate both, so that with matching 
callsign and channid they are treated and scheduled as equivelents.

However I would preffer to use the EPG from the DVB-T channels to 
populate the same programmes from the DVB-S source. Currently I don't 
think you can use EPG from one dvb source to populate a  different DVB 
source. Is that feature in the pipeline ?

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