[mythtv] Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz caskater47 at gmail.com
Fri May 11 00:41:20 UTC 2007

> Isaac has actually come close to this a couple of times.  MythTV is open
> source because it's the "right" thing to do, and it means less work for
> him to do on his project if other people are helping take up some of the
> slack.  I don't think anyone actually FEELS that way, though.
> ... will reply to your earlier post when I have some time after work.
> -Chris

Thats understandable. I'm not really trying to suggest commercializing myth
to the point of world domination. What i'm suggesting is simply making
things a little easier for the noob whether they be a seasoned developer or
not. When I was first introduced to myth I found it far more difficult to
get running perfectly than any app should be. Another good description i've
heard of that i've even used myself is "impossible to set up, but once done,
impossible to give up."

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