[mythtv] UPnP, Thin Clients, UPnP Remote & WizD...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Thu May 10 14:40:09 UTC 2007


Thought I would ask before jumping into things (dare I say MythTV UPnP 

I have a MythTV RH/FC5 box and a number of thin clients.  Recently I 
tried a Galaxy 3500 IPTV (thin client) / WizD (server) combination to 
play AVI offerings that my MythTV front ends can play but are (I 
believe) unavailable to a thin client who communicates w/MythTV using UPnP.

What I found (I think) is that WizD can provide not only content but 
custom web like menus to the Galaxy 3500 IPTV box.  Now I thought that 
these were provided by using the UPnP Remote protocol.  But I think 
someone told me (here?) that WizD used a proptriatary 
Sigma-Design/Syabas protocol?  Is that right?  I hope not.  Because if 
we can extend MythTV's UPnP features to support displaying custom menus 
on commercially available hardware / software that used a free & widely 
available protocol - that would be something.

(Yes, I am fishing for answers!  Who know about this stuff?  Save me 
(and other's) some time... please, thanks.)

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