[mythtv] advice wanted - building my own remote control

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Mon May 7 21:19:34 UTC 2007

Tom Lichti wrote:
> Simon Kenyon wrote:
>> i have the complete toolchain working for the devices that i'm using 
>> (Atmel AVR - ATmega88 is what i have to hand at the moment).
>> there is a complete, workimg gcc etc. for the device, which is a major 
>> plus point.
> Er, I am looking for a small (2"x2") remote with maybe 6 or so keys, but 
> have not been able to find one, could you build one that small?
don't hold your breath, but i'll give it a shot
might make a good test for my design/build/code skills

there is a design from atmel which uses their attiny28 chip.
can handle up to 64 keys and will generate RC5 with the supplied code

problem is that the chip needs an unusual programming method for which i 
don't have a programmer
i do for the majority of their other chips. so i am trying to adapt the 
design to use the chips i can handle.

the buttons themselves are either 6x6mm or 12x12mm, so 2"x2" (ie. 
50x50mm) would work with the 6x6mm keys.
that would leave room for the connectors around the sides of the switches.

i have a bunch of 6x6 keys on order, so give me a few weeks to see what 
i can come up with.


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