[mythtv] Screen blanking in MythVideo

dave dave at atkinson.net.au
Wed May 9 00:08:27 UTC 2007

On my myth20a system I discovered that when you play a video from the Video
Browser that has a different aspect ratio to your monitor the background
screen is not blanked. I use "mplayer -fs" as the default player and when it
plays a widescreen video on my 4:3 screen the videobrowser screen is visible
below the video. (Very ugly and amatuerish)

I looked through the mplayer man pages for a fix but didn't find one so made a
quick change to 


by inserting the line fillRect line shown below.

void VideoSelected::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *e)

snip ...

     p->fillRect(0, 0, size().width(), size().height(), QColor(0,0,0));  
else if (m_state == 4)

which does the trick. On the assumtpion there's a much more elegant way of
doing this I thought I'd flag what I did rather than submitting a ticket or patch.


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