[mythtv] ALSA audio capture

Anand K. Mistry amistry at uwaterloo.ca
Tue May 8 20:08:20 UTC 2007

Nice catch.  I didn't think of compiling without OSS.  I guess I need to 
make sure I haven't broken anything if I disable ALSA.  I'm thinking of 
what further changes I need to make and here's what I've come up with:

- remove all dependency of NuppelVideoRecorder on OSS including removing 
- rename USE_ALSA to USING_ALSA to make things consistent
- define a HAVE_AUDIO_INPUT which is defined if OSS or ALSA is used.  
This would replace some of the HAVE_SYS_SOUNDCARD... stuff.
- there's a 'TODO: Potentially evil' thing that I need to take care of.  
I'm not sure how, but it has to go.

Maybe stuff:
- Change all the 'if (0 <= retval)'  so that the function is exited 
right away instead of once at the end.  Need comments.

Comments? Suggestions?

- Anand

Alan Calvert wrote:
> Anand K. Mistry wrote:
> I do like where you're going with this patch. OSS _is_ marked DEPRECATED
> after all. With mythtv_alsa-2.patch applied, building with --disable-audio-oss
> fails:-
> NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp: In member function ‘int NuppelVideoRecorder::AudioInit(bool)’:
> NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp:640: error: ‘afmt’ was not declared in this scope
> NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp:641: error: ‘afd’ was not declared in this scope
> NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp:642: error: ‘frag’ was not declared in this scope
> To me, the introduction of USING_OSS & USE_ALSA looks like a "good thing",
> and maybe the tests on HAVE_SYS_SOUNDCARD_H/HAVE_SOUNDCARD_H can be refined.
> rfc?
> cheers, Cal
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