[mythtv] Zoom -vs- Aspect -- need a custom setting

David Frascone dave at frascone.com
Mon May 7 13:18:05 UTC 2007

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 08:48 -0400, David Frascone wrote:
>> This worked perfectly for my HD and SD sizes.  Now everything looks 
>> perfect *except* for video captured over firewire.  It is still top and 
>> bottom letterboxed.
> Is the aspect ratio of the image correct?
I can only assume that the aspect is *not* correct.  The image fills the 
screen horizontally, but not vertically.  Since the image *should* be 
16:9, then it should also fill vertically. 
> I assume you've tried the different screen settings in the STB's
> setup menus. Some STB's do have this problem even after you have
> tried all the screen options. They transcode everything to some
> 'standard' resolution, which is always much worse that the
> original 1080i or 720p for HD content.
I have only set it to 16:9, and 1080i.  Should I try something 
different?  I'll fiddle with them when I get home.
> Assuming the aspect ratio is correct (circles in the video are actually
> circular, not ovals), and none of the pre-set zoom
> modes work for you, I think you can safely start working on
> this feature you proposed.

> What you want to do is use manual zoom to zoom into the frame
> until it looks right. Then instead of hitting the 'SELECT'
> action to save this zoom for the current session, you hit some
> other key, say 'S' for 'SAVEMANUALZOOM' to save the zoom. Just
> have this start a pop-up that asks for a name for this custom
> zoom and a priority [-20,20]. Then save this mapping in the
> settings table. Now when you construct the list for the preset
> zooms/aspect ratio hacks, add any saved manual zooms from
> highest priority to lowest priority, with the existing presets
> in between the 1st and 0th priority saved zooms. You'll also
> need to add some means for deleting manual zooms, one way might
> be to use the 'D' for 'DELETE' key in the manual zoom mode to
> delete any manual zooms that use the same zoom data as the current zoom.
> Then take care of the corner cases, like what
> happens if you save a manual zoom and make that the default
> startup zoom, then later delete this manual zoom?

Sounds good -- but -- should I even start, since my aspect is still 
screwy on the firewire video?



David Frascone

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