[mythtv] Zoom -vs- Aspect -- need a custom setting

David Frascone dave at frascone.com
Fri May 4 18:14:34 UTC 2007

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> It sounds like your xorg.conf is missconfigured. You must tell
> Xorg what the display's physical aspect ratio is as appears
> it can't query this from the hardware. Once X knows that,
> MythTV will know that the pixels are not square and will adjust
> accordingly.
> If you are using multiple displays and using a Xinerama to
> span the screens you need to tell MythTV the aspect ratio
> of the display which will be displaying the video, this is
> in the frontend configuration.
> Now that you know the basic problem, search the users mailing
> list, this has been discussed there a few times.
Hmmm . . . I have added this to the xorg.conf, as suggested by -users 
    Option    "DPI"  "346 x 195"
But it didn't help -- although -- your mention of xinerama caught my 

I am using twinview to simultaneously display on my screen and on 
S-Video -- could that be what's causing the confusion?  xorg.conf attached.



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