[mythtv] ALSA audio capture

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu May 3 21:46:04 UTC 2007

> The patch is
> basically two things (even though it's in one patch).  First, it
> seperates the OSS from the NuppelVideoRecorder and abstracts the audio
> input.  Second, it adds the ALSA stuff.

First, I'm glad you made this patch, several people have complained,
promised to fix it and then disappeared.

While I cannot test this patch there are a number of minor coding style
issues (not an exhaustive list):

35: The first of a handful "( identifier" vs "(identifier"
362: You converted a "\n" to "            \n"
792: First of a few on lines right below here, =0 should be = 0 (like it is
most other places)
883: you cuddled your {

You have also changed the sample rate, I wouldn't expect this to work well.

In places like ::doAudioThread and ::AudioInit, if you used something like
std::auto_ptr to hold audio_device you wouldn't need to remember to delete
it on those early returns (it certainly isn't a rule, exactly what you've
done is everywhere).

Anduin Withers

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