[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3380: Backend crashes during poor reception on saa7146 card

Mark Buechler mark.buechler at gmail.com
Wed May 2 18:02:20 UTC 2007

The TT card, as with the Hauppauge card, will often have problems with poor
signal itself. I've found many times when Myth's backend crashes due to
signal the ARM on the card also crashes. I don't know if one causes the

- Mark.

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> #3380: Backend crashes during poor reception on saa7146 card
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> Reporter:  anonymous  |       Owner:  ijr
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> Component:  mythtv     |     Version:  0.20-fixes
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> I have 2 DVB-T tuner cards in my system - a cx88 card (Hauppauge Nova-T)
> and a saa7146 card (TechnoTrend TT-Budget-T-1500). The former card is used
> for most recordings, and the latter used as a second resort and for a
> limited number of extra channels (Top-Up TV).
> Reception where I am is pretty dreadful, and it's not uncommon for
> recordings to skip and jump where chunks of the signal are lost. However,
> when recording with the TechnoTrend card, there is a VERY high likelihood
> of the backend crashing during these patches of poor reception - often
> several times during a single show.
> Attached is a backtrace taken during a recording from the TT card.
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