[mythtv] mythtv on frame buffer questions...

Mike Gibson megibson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 16:23:54 UTC 2007

> The Qt/Embedded docs say that "-DQWS -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti" is required for
> compilation (for speed & size), but you simply _can't_ build myth with those settings
> (myth linking fails in the absence of run time type information). I've myth built
> with qt-embedded, and qt mostly worked. Occasionally it failed to paint the screen
> properly. Sadly, I have not yet got myth presenting actual tv with that setup. I
> figure that's due to my sad competence level rather than the overall frame buffer
> approach.

I don't think that I used -fno-exceptions, but I might have used
-fno-rtti.  On a PC, I don't think that the speed and size
requirements are that low.

> Another option that looked _really_ promising was qt-xll combined with XDirectFB. To me,
> that approach shows the most promise. Again, I've had that doing everything _but_
> show tv.

That's the way I would go for now.  It's impossible to display
qt/embedded via DirectFB right now.  I've been working on a DirectFB
display driver for qt/embedded (see qte-directfb at directfb.org), but
life has taken over at the moment and it's taking a while to get back

Mike Gibson

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