[mythtv] Proposed workaround for scheduling problem with overlapped recording rules (bug #3242)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Mar 29 18:45:11 UTC 2007

On 03/29/2007 01:21 PM, Subbyz wrote:
> Your mention of kDontRecord brings up another point.  I tried to find a way 
> to mark a recording rule as kDontRecord through the UI, but there doesn't 
> appear to be.  Did I miss something?
> The reason I'd use it is I have a recording rule that records all programs 
> with genre = "Documentary" as a very low priority rule.  But there are a 
> couple of programs that are marked as "Documentary" in the listings that are 
> really just thinly disguised reality programs, which I despise.
> I'd like to have a way to tell Myth *NEVER* to record these few programs no 
> matter what even though they would normally be recorded under the 
> "Documentary" rule.  Seems like a kDontRecord rule with a high priority that 
> matches that particular undesireable show title would handle that correctly, 
> if there were just some way to set it up through the UI.
> Unfortunately, the "never record" override appears only to apply to a 
> particular episode of a show rather than any episode of that show title. 
> But again, I may be missing something.

The override works by inserting the program information into the 
oldrecorded table (which lists recorded _episodes_) with a marker saying 
it should never be recorded.  Therefore, it would be impossible for an 
override (which uses duplicate matching) to prevent all episodes of a 
show from recording--it would require spontaneously "inventing" all the 
subtitles and descriptions (as provided by your listings provider) that 
exist now and anytime in the future.

I think what you need to do is fix your power recording rule to exclude 
those programs.


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