[mythtv] MythMusic Create CD questions

dave dave at atkinson.net.au
Thu Mar 22 02:48:33 UTC 2007

Dear MythDev-ers,

I've recently been playing around with the CreateCDMP3 and CreateCDAudio
components of mythmusic in 0.20a and was wondering if anyone is working in
this area ? (note I'm using the 0.20a rather than svn-current as my box is
somewhat production as my faimly uses it extensively so I want to keep it
fairly stable).

I noticed that CreateCDAudio was disabled and the actaul function in
playlist.cpp just returns -1 and couldn't find any recent postings of anyone
working in this area. If someone is working on it I would like to align what
I'm doing with their effort.

So far I have:
- fixed the problems I was having with CreateCDMP3. These being:
 - cdrecord fails if I have automatic handling of CD/DVD media turne on, I
just disabled it which was a bit of a pity having just fixed the video_ts
problem (yes some DVDs do have lowercase video_ts directories even if they are
mount auto rather than iso9660 and it was a two line fix)
 - patched the code so it correctly updates the progress meter when burning.
cdrecord does not place \n at the end of its progress output so QProcess line
reading fucntionality does not work. I simply read stdout character by character.
 - added calls to open the cd tray prior to making the image so a user can
insert a blank disc and then -eject to cdrecord to eject it afterwards

- I'm now coding up CreateCDAudio

Also, is there any easy way to mask out the auto handling of media insertion
so I can leave it on but disable it during cdrecord.


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