[mythtv] mythbackend 0.20 crash. gdb crash log attached

kareemy kareemy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 00:14:21 UTC 2007

I have been running mythbackend inside of gdb per the debugging
instructions in the mythtv howto. Attached is the full gdb.log of the
crash and the mythbackend-crash.log which is the logging output of
mythbackend itself.

I have been getting several seemingly random mythbackend crashes. This
is the first one I caught with gdb. Here is how I caused the crash
(although I can't reproduce it)

1) Start mythbackend as the mythtv user
2) startx
3) Start mythfrontend and start watching live tv.
4) Hit ESC on the keyboard to stop livetv and go back to the menu
[mythbackend crashes at this point and after a few seconds,
mythfrontend notifies me that it cannot connect to the backend]

System Specs:
Linux SMP (Intel Core 2 Duo)
MythTV 0.20
ivtv 0.10.1 driver
Hauppauge pvr-350 tv tuner card
QT 3.3.7

I also have a samsung 300gb harddrive with 14gb as my main ext3
partition and the rest for my mythtv recordings/buffers as an XFS

Let me know if you need anymore information or testing to help figure
out what is causing this crash.

Here are links to the gdb and mythbackend log files from my webspace
since they are over 40kb combined:


Kareem Dana

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