[mythtv] Channel lineup with invalid channel numbers

DaveD mythtv at guiplot.com
Sun Mar 18 16:26:51 UTC 2007

I am receiving 33 clear QAM digital channels on Comcast cable in 
Everett, WA, North America.  Comcast provides listing data for two 
services to labs.zap2it.com; one for analog and one for digital.  Their 
analog lineup (obviously) does not provide any information about digital 
channels and I don't seem to get anything by specifying an EIT scan.

Comcast's digital lineup assumes the customer is using their cable box 
and channel numbers in their digital lineup continue upward to over 400. 
  My analog channel lineup works fine and I can manually schedule 
digital recordings but I would like to get the digital lineup's channels 
cross-referenced to the actual digital channels I receive.

I set up a second, digital lineup on zap2it.  I am trying to get the 
xmltv data into my database and then manually put the xmltvid into the 
correct channel record to get listings data for my digital channels. 
When I set up a video source in MythTV it asks that I specify a channel 
frequency table and then, when it retrieves the channels from the 
source, it seems to only get channels from my digital lineup that have 
"valid" channel numbers (< 110?) from the us-cable frequency table. 
This results in only 4 channels retrieved when I have specified 33 in my 
zap2it configuration.

If I am understanding the situation correctly, I will need to write my 
own grabber that will ignore the frequency table and just go get the 
channels I have specified in my zap2it lineup.  I will then be able to 
assign the appropriate xmltvid to the channel records to assign listing 
data to the channels.  I would greatly appreciate advice in this 
endeavor if the experts on this list can offer it, especially if some 
effort is already being spent in this direction.

If I am not understanding the situation, I would really appreciate a 
better explanation and help toward getting my problem resolved.

I am joining this forum for this and other reasons.  I would like to 
contribute where/if I can.  I suspect that I am not unique in my 
situation and if I can find or develop a solution, perhaps I can help 
others in their quest for high definition recordings.

Thanks for an awesome system, so far!

Dave Duperon
Electronics Test Engr
and Linux enthusiast who has yet to contribute anything to the open 
source community, but would like to

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