[mythtv] Ticket #3077: Default CD Device selection

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Thu Mar 8 03:21:19 UTC 2007

> Settings for CD devices in the plugins can then be removed entirely.
> Any reason why anyone should want to configure plugins differently?

Not that I can see, but my peripheral vision
is blinkered by the goal of simplification.

I am thinking that, ideally, plugins just
initialise a MythMediaMonitor object which
then has methods to call and get a QString
of the default CD/DVD/Writer.

But maybe that is too radical for now?

>> Another alternative might be to pop up a device selector
>> each time the user is going to burn something?
> Hmm, this is perhaps the only time you might want two burners - one  
> that
> is good for cd's and another for dvd's.

If we wanted to go this way, the plugin could call:
and it could do all the magic

(e.g. if a default is set, return it, otherwise
       pop up a selector so the user could choose
       from the current set of drives,
       or the drives with valid blank
       media in them, or whatever)

> The only issue with displaying this to the user is that you have to  
> make
> the combobox read-only.

I am not a MythUI expert, but couldn't we keep it read-write,
but pre-populate it with stuff like:

/dev/hdc  LITEON DVDR
/dev/hdd  Pioneer A108
/dev/sdb  Sony

and then parse/validate the first part if/when the user changes it?

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