[mythtv] SlimServer integration ?

Erland Isaksson erland_i at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 6 21:33:33 UTC 2007

Lukas Kasprowicz wrote:
> Hi Erland,
> Am Dienstag, 6. März 2007 19:16 schrieb Erland Isaksson:
>> Has someone done any work on a plugin which integrates with SlimServer ?
>> Unless someone already has started I'm thinking about making a try at
>> this, my idea is to base it on the mythmusic plugin. Instead of reading
>> the information from the MythTV database it would retrieve the
>> information from SlimServer either via the CLI interface or by using
>> direct database access towards the SlimServer MySQL database.
>> Has anyone an idea if this would be the best way to do it or if I should
>> base it on some other plugin code ?
> If i see it correctly it is only another upnp streaming server. Why not using 
> MythTVs own upnp Server?
> Lukas
SlimServer doesn't act as a upnp server, it is a streaming server very 
tightly integrated with the playback hardware (the 
SqueezeBox/Transporter). The SqueezeBox/Transporter can only talk to the 
SlimServer, it is not possible to exchange the SlimServer with something 
else unless you re-implement the SlimProto protocol which is used 
between the SqueezeBox/Transporter and the SlimServer. Making a 
replacement server for the SlimServer would be a huge job. The playback 
devices (SqueezeBox/Transporter) are slim devices with very little logic 
in the device itself, instead most of the logic is implemented on the 
server side (in the SlimServer).


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