[mythtv] Bug reports for OSX crashes

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Mon Mar 5 21:40:45 UTC 2007

Seth Hettich wrote:
> Hi,
> I run the FE on my Macs (a few of them).  I get crashes (w/ a recent
> .20-fixes) pretty often.  What would be the best way to report these?
> Collect up a few of the stack traces and file a bug?

Not if you are using 0.20-fixes.
The mac frontend is pretty bleeding edge,
so i'd suggest svn if you can cope with it.

> The crashes are not consistent with any one sequence of actions or
> videos, and I don't yet see a strong pattern to the stack traces.
> So, it could be memory corruption, but it's hard to say yet.
> Are people already aware of this?  Is any extra help tracking in down needed?

We'd love to stabilize the frontend on the Mac, but all work
is being done on head, not 0.20-fixes for that platform


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