[mythtv] xmltvparser.cpp and uk_rt grabber movie category fixup

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sun Mar 4 22:07:38 UTC 2007

On Sunday 4 March 2007 21:14:30 Nick Morrott wrote:
> One question I would ask is why the hack in question cannot be
> re-enabled until a 'proper fix' is in place, even if it is hacky and
> grabber-specific. It doesn't hurt anyone, and provides a benefit. How
> is this not a good thing?

I can't really argue against this, yet I'm still inclined to leave it 
disabled. This only affects users in the UK, the canned searches have 
probably never worked for non-english speaking countries.

The 'proper fix' is probably pretty simple and I'll make an effort to look at 
it over the coming week.

> As a user, breaking functionality is annoying. Isaac has just stated
> the majority of users have package-based installations - so unless
> individual packagers are re-enabling this code before compilation and
> packaging, UK users using the uk_rt grabber will have broken mythweb
> and mythfrontend searches.

Packagers shouldn't be using HEAD. The change in question was made after 0.20 
and therefore shouldn't affect anyone using the stable version of mythtv.
Stuart Morgan

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