[mythtv] upnp and djmount - .nuv files show as .txt

Karl Hegbloom karlheg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 20:05:13 UTC 2007

When I mount a 'djmount' file system (a Linux FUSE file system), I can
see the recordings from my Myth box, and can play the .mpg files with
Totem and other movie players.  The .nuv files show up in djmount with
'.txt' extension, because the MIME type returned in the XML by MythTV is
"text/plain" rather than "video/nuppelvideo".  I can play those files
with vlc since it looks inside the file itself to find out what it's
type is, but several other movie players fail with them.

I was not able to get vlc to play any of the MythTV recordings using the
upnp service discovery module based on the Intel SDK.  It sees the
directory structure, but not the recordings themselves.  I have not yet
been able to get the CyberLink-based upnp service discovery module
compiled -- haven't had the time.  I assume it does work, probably only
when CyberLink upnp is configured with "--enable-mythtv".

I wonder if anyone else has experimented with 'djmount' and/or 'vlc'?
Where can I read about the "proprietary" MythTV specific extensions to
upnp that are supported by the CyberLink upnp?  How necessary are they?

Assuming I get this to work, will the video streams be seekable, so that
I can move around in them, or are they like plain old HTTP streams where
you cannot fast forward or skip ahead?  Would it be possible to have it
use RTP / RTSP URI's instead, so that the stream is seekable?  I wonder
if there's a way to have it stream via vlc and if that would work better
than having MythTV do the streaming itself?

Karl Hegbloom <karlheg at gmail.com>

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