[mythtv] how to see list of archived recordings?

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Thu Jun 28 03:25:12 UTC 2007

[posting both to user & dev list, as it seems to me that the topic borders]

issue: all the recorded movies don't fit on the harddisk. solution:
archive the movies onto dvd discs and delete them.  arising problem:
mythtv no longer holds a record of the movies that are on the dvds, so
1) it's no longer easy to see what movies are archived on dvds and 2)
could accidentally re-record them (and archive them again), wasting more
usable space.

 with each disc created with mytharchive, we've also saved the
description of the movie therein in an XML structure which is already
used for other type(s) of archiving (sample is shown below).

question: does mythtv somehow allow you to keep an overview of the
movies that were archived (and deleted from harddisk)?

the supposed answer is no, so how do i accomplish it?

the first thing that comes to mind is very unelegant elegant and without
menu/interface/screen on TV: create table "archived" with structure same
as "recorded" and move archived entries manually (or as part of
successful archive process) into the new "archived" table.

what would need to be done to see the list through mythfrontend?

the second thing that comes to mind is to add to the themes a screen
identical to "watch recordings", except that it doesn't use the
"recorded" table to browse through archived items, but uses instead the
"archived" table. is this a good or bad idea? how difficult would this
be to implement?
[bonus: it would be nice for mytharchive to ID each newly burnt disc and
put this ID into the "archived" table (so people know where the recording can be found)]

 thanks -- XML structure is below

actually, what was done here: movies were archived onto DVDs, and then
*their .mpg files* were deleted [reduced size to 0], so their entries
are still showing among current recordings, which means the selection is
messy and annoying to browse through with maybe 600+ recordings present,
480+ of them on dvds, and only about 120 of them of interest on harddisk
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<title>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</title>
<recordingdate>13 November 2006</recordingdate>
<recordingtime>16:00 PM</recordingtime>
<description>A cool teen (Matthew Broderick) plays hooky in Chicago with
his girlfriend (Mia Sara), his buddy (Alan Ruck) and the classic Ferrari
of his buddy's father.</description>

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