[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3666: DVD speed setting only works when using media monitoring

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Mon Jun 25 23:28:07 UTC 2007

>> broken DVD speed setting when "Monitor
>> CD / DVD" is not checked.  I assume this is because
>> `MediaMonitor::SetCDSpeed` uses `MediaMonitor` to set the speed.
> This actually relates to something that I was thinking about when  
> refactoring
> the CD monitoring code in mythmusic. In mythmusic we start a thread  
> which
> just polls for changes in the CD which could largely be replaced by  
> hooking
> it into the media-monitor instead.

Hell yes.

Eskil's patches in '#2598 Use MythMediaMonitor in plugins'
have most of the required changes
(e.g. post _all_ media event types).

Of course, the moment one of us makes this change,
lots'o tickets will arrive saying "it doesn't work"
because of some unknown bugs in MediaMonitor :-)

> Right now, disabling automatic handling of media means disabling  
> the media
> monitor entirely. IMHO it would be better if media monitoring was  
> permanently
> on


I also noted the other day that, if AutoLookupCD is set,
databasebox.cpp does new and delete of a CdDecoder
(with its CDDB lookup and MetaData creation), every 1000ms.
Luckily, libcdaudio's CDDB lookup has caching.
The problema is that my Qt-based Darwin lookup doesn't.

Was considering having just one CdDecoder in Music,
(main.c - close to handleMedia()), which does
a CDDB lookup when it gets a MEDIASTAT_USEABLE

But then I thought, we could even have the
CDDB lookup in the MediaMonitor itself.
And, then I decided my plans were bigger
than my available free time, and stopped.

Stuart, do you have some time to work
with me on these ideas/patches?

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