[mythtv] an update on SVN firewire recordings

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Jun 24 17:27:40 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com> says:
> well, there should to be a way to get the firewire_tester "fix" code
> into the backend

Until this incorporation happens, can't this be done by writing a
simple shell script that calls the tester repeatedly until it a) exits
with a success code or b) never does (at which point the entire script
exits), then the appropriate channel changer (6200ch or what have you)
to change the channel, and have this script be called as the channel
changer in mythtv-setup?

I'm fortunate in that ever since 0.20 came along I *never* see the
'migrating nodes' or 'unresponsive nodes' issues with my two DCT6200s
except when the boxes are either unplugged from power or unplugged
from FireWire (and, sometimes, the latter when the backend the boxes
are connected to reboots); in other words, left alone, they keep
working indefinitely. That said, in my experience, 'firewire_tester -b
-n x' always gets an unresponsive box going, although it definitely
can take several tries. Once it works I always then do
'firewire_tester -B -n x', but this is probably not necessary.

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