[mythtv] Unintelligent Recording

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 14:23:57 UTC 2007


I set up MythTv to start recording by default 10 minutes before the
show and stop 10 minutes after the show, because many  shows
start/stop a few minutes later or before, and this solution is working
pretty nice.

I wanted yesterday to record Prison Break, and a German channel was
showing 2 episodes, 2nd episode starting right after the 1st.

1. 00.35 - 01.30
2. 01.30 - 02.35

Two problems appeared here:

I marked 1st episode for recording, but when I tried to mark the 2nd
episode, I saw the message, that the 2nd episode is overlapping with
the 1st episode. I manually changed (set to zero) "stop recording
time" (for the 1st show) and "start recording time" (for the 2nd

It was not such a big deal to repair that manually, but it would be
nice if the recorder could repair this alone:

if there is not enough time between the following two recordings to
include 10 minutes after 1st recording and 10 minutes before 1st
-> the recorder should either ignore these additional minutes

or even much better

-> the recorder should calculate how much time it has between two
recordings and if the length of this time (2nd recording start time
minus 1st recoding stop time) is shorter than the default additional
time from above (20 minutes = 10 minutes before and 10 after the
show), it should shorten/adapt these 20 minutes or set it to 0 if 2nd
recording is starting right after the 1st one (like in the example

2nd problem is not really a problem, but feature which I miss ... I
don't know how many people need this, but I need it pretty often. I
will explain it on the example from above (Prison Break).

The 1st recording should stop at 01.30, but it actually stopped at
01.25 and the 2nd recording started at 01.25 instead of 01.30.

2nd episode is now splitted in two files/recordings, it starts in the
1st recording and it ends in the 2nd. It would be nice to have a
feature to concat these two recordings in one and to be able to split
it later when the user is manually editing/commflagging the recording.

What do you think about this?


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