[mythtv] UI Reference for MythPlugin Development

Michael William Koehler mkoehle1 at nd.edu
Thu Jun 21 18:53:30 UTC 2007

Good afternoon,

    First of all, hello.  I'm new to the world of MythPlugin 
development, but with the multitude of resources that have been made 
available, I have been able to easily transition from programming in C++ 
on windows to creating applications in linux using QT.  However, I've 
run into a slight problem when trying to make a few "more advanced" 
plugins.  I'm having trouble finding references/documentation on the 
MythUI components; that is, a listing & description of all of the UI 
components (that is, besides what is available here: 
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction so I 
could further familiarize myself with the mythtv architecture.  Thank 
you for your help in advance.

Michael Koehler

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