[mythtv] Nvidia VP2

Richard Thornton richie.thornton at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 04:10:16 UTC 2007


Sorry to bother you all.

Many thanks to you all for your amazing work!

I was wondering if MythTV supports any of the new NV VP2 video
acceleration features namely bitstream processing, inverse transform,
motion compensation and in-loop deblocking, are these functions
available programmatically?

I know NV are the best cards for MythTV right now and with this in
mind I have bought a 8500GT.

I have heard of the mythtv-vid branch and am aware that this is doing
some funky stuff with scaling among other things.

I guess I am just looking for info on offloading video decoding in
MythTV so I can decode the h.264 hi-def content I have on the 8500GT?

Thanks for your time.


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