[mythtv] MythWeb PHP Question

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sun Jun 17 14:36:07 UTC 2007

Hi, Just joined the list. I have a quick question about MythWeb &

MythStreamTV. I have Myth 0.20 running on a 2.6.20 FC6 System. I've just 
installed MythStreamTV from the .tar archive and I'm fixing a few 
anomalies. One of these is on the welcome page of MythWeb. Here is a 
snippet of the html output from the welcome page....

<div id="info_streamtv" class="hidden">
 <img src="/mythweb/skins/default//img/streamtv.png" class="module_icon" />
         !!NoTrans: welcome: streamtv!!
             <ul>!!NoTrans: This module is for streaming your recorded programs via VLC over a network.!!

(A minor point is that streamtv.png is missing from the installation - but that is trivia) 

I'm after finding the source of those"!!NoTrans" things that appear on 
the page.

The bit of php that produces it is this...as far as I can tell...

// Open with a div and an image
   echo '<div id="info_streamtv" class="hidden">',
        '<img src="', skin_url, '/img/streamtv.png" class="module_icon" 
// Print a basic overview of what this module does
        t('welcome: streamtv'),
// Next, print a brief Information
   t('This module is for streaming your recorded programs via VLC over 
a network.'),
// Close the div

I'm not a php developer but it seems that the source of the "!!NoTrans" 
has something to do with the "t" before the opening brackets in the 
embedded html in the php source statements.  It seems as if they are 
some kind of symbol or directive to php. Not being a php guru I have not 
one clue really!! They appear in the scripts for the other mythweb 
modules and they work fine. So what's different in the MythStreamTV 
case? How does MythWeb know what modules are present - is there a table 
somewhere that hasn't properly been told that MythStreamTV is present? 
I've been looking for a table like that but can't see one unless its 
hidden in MySQL somewhere...

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance


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