[mythtv] Interface to HID remote devices

Clint Eaker ceaker at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 15 18:45:53 UTC 2007

>I'm not quite sure it this is going to help you but have you tried
>evtest (part of dvb-tools I think).
>I used
>evtest /dev/input/event4
>to confirm that every key was being received from my Hauppauge Nova-T
>remote, when only about half-a-dozen were mapped to keycodes in the
>kernel.  Maybe though you've achieved the same thing with your evdev

Thanks for the pointer.  I did get a pointer to this tool via a private email and plan to try using it this evening.  I think this will resolve the issue.

Originally, I had thought that getting this to work might potentially require changes to MythTV and posted here.  It is now obvious (as the private response politely pointed out) that this is not a myth-dev topic, so I'd like to try to wrap this up here.  When I get everything resolved, I'll post a summary on myth-users and add a pointer to that post here.

I'm pretty sure that the missing piece has been identified.  The UltraX Remote creates TWO event devices when it's plugged in.  While I had noticed this early on, I didn't realize till today that perhaps the xev tool was only reporting events from one of those devices.  I don't have my system handy right now, but I'm pretty sure this is what's going on and I'll be able to see the other events with evtest.  I'll test this out at the next available opportunity (hopefully tonight).

Thanks for all the help,

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