[mythtv] Disabled configure options in ./configure script,

Laurent ARNAL laurent at clae.net
Fri Jun 15 17:23:20 UTC 2007


I notice tonight that many options of configure script is not shown by 
default because they are comment out in the script.
I find this because I was looking for aac decoder support, but it not 
activate by default.

	  #echo "  --enable-libfaac         enable FAAC support via
		libfaac [default=no]"
	  #echo "  --enable-libfaad         enable FAAD support via 	
		libfaad [default=no]"
	  #echo "  --enable-libfaadbin      build FAAD support with
		runtime linking [default=no]"

Is there any reason why the line are comment out, and why aac support is 
  not enable by default ? is there something wrong with it.


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