[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r13684 by janne

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Jun 15 15:50:16 UTC 2007

Janne Grunau wrote:
>> Forgive me for being a plank but why is a build system needed here?
> build system is much exagarated. install scripts would have been a 
> better description. They are useful to install all themes from the 
> checkout.

Cool. Just wondered *why* you'd ever install these themes that way... I
(prehaps prematurely) was assuming that the integrated theme installer
will hook into svn to "checkout/update" the themes accordingly

>> From stuartm's message it seems this is not a repo for building
>> things but rather a place to check things out directly from.
> How are these four little files affecting checking out individual themes 
> directly?

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to suggest that these files would be in the way,
just that they seem useless in the context of an integrated theme
installer/updater (again, perhaps premature presumption).

>> Incidentally, has anyone considered how much extra bandwidth this
>> will take?
> No, but it's only 1299 bytes i.e your mail (and mine) probably wasted 
> more bandwidth.
> If your speaking of the themes itself. They are not in the myththemes 
> directory and will therefor not be included in the myththemes tarball. 
> We are thinking of a different theme distribution method now.

Well it was this different theme distribution method I was questioning
in terms of the theme bandwidth. If, as per my initial assumption above,
the mythfrontend will include some auto-checkout/update of themes from
this repo, then all mythfrontends out there in the world will start
hammering the svn server for their themes!

Until now the source and binary application and themes packages etc. are
mirrored and handled by distros but doing this would create a central
point for bandwidth hammering..

Really not describing myself well today!!! Sorry! Also if the frontend
does not checkout the themes form here (as per my running assumption)
then probably a lot of this mail and my last is totally pointless :D

Take care



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