[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] mythtv commit: r13660 by nigel

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Fri Jun 15 00:58:28 UTC 2007

> configure should handle that just fine.
> Argh stupid bug found. The dependency checking was broken.
> fixed in r13675

Still broken in r13685, but it isn't your fault:

[osx-pkg] Configuring mythtv
[osx-pkg] ./configure --prefix=/Volumes/MythBuild/.osx-packager/build  
Warning: DTS library not found.
Firewire being disabled. /Developer/FireWireSDK* missing
# Basic Settings
Compile type     release
Compiler cache   no
DistCC           no
Install prefix   /Volumes/MythBuild/.osx-packager/build
CPU              x86_32 (Unknown Intel P6 Family)
big-endian       no
MMX enabled      yes

# Input Support
Joystick menu    no
lirc support     no
Apple Remote     yes
Video4Linux sup. no
ivtv support     yes
FireWire support no
DVB support      no [/usr/include]
DBox2 support    yes
HDHomeRun sup.   yes
IPTV support     yes

# Sound Output Support
OSS support      no
ALSA support     no
aRts support     no
JACK support     no
DTS passthrough  no

# Video Output Support
x11 support      no
xrandr support   no
xv support       yes
XvMC support     no

I have added xv=no in the Darwin OS block
(to go with the x11=no).

Autodetect fails us in this case because some
OS X users have the X11 binaries and libraries
installed (so we can run X11 programs),
but don't have the X11 headers installed
(because we want native windowing builds).

Sorry for the confusion.

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