[mythtv] adding gnome-power-manager/HAL support to mythtv

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Mon Jun 11 11:06:59 UTC 2007

Ma Begaj wrote:
>> I'd add gnome-screen-saver support to mythfrontend which would in turn
>> stopped g-p-m from suspending. That would be only few lines change and
>> would be much better, IMHO. I'll create a simple patch for you to try out.
> But when will mythfrontend stop gnome-screensaver?

at the same time when it stops xscreensaver...

> It is not very useful to stop gnome-screensaver always when
> mythfrontend is running. It should stop g-p-m/screensaver only if an
> user is doing something (watching tv, listening to music, playing
> games, watching videos ...).

the logic is there already, it just needs to call also 
gnome-screensaver, not just xscreensaver.


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