[mythtv] adding gnome-power-manager/HAL support to mythtv

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 22:45:29 UTC 2007


I was just thinking about something and I would like to hear your
opinion on this.

I am (like many Gnome users) using Gnome Power Manager on my computer.
This computer is at the same time running mythbackend and
mythfrontend. Mythshutdown and Mythwelcome are great for the people
who are using myth-only machines, but it is not pretty useful for
mixed systems which like mine desktop and myth system at the same
time. I have a multiseat system and Myth is always running on one
screen, and Gnome on another.

The problem, is that gnome-power-manager suspends computer (to ram or
to disk) after some time, because it does no recognize that I am
watching TV or a movie with MythTv.

I hacked the suspend scripts which are a part of HAL to check whether
is something active ("mythshutdown -s 1" helped me a lot) and that is
working pretty OK, but mythshutdown gives me "0" when I am watching TV
or watching movie. it recognizes when it is commflagging or something
like that, but not when I am watching TV.

Gnome-Power-Manager offers a possibility to other applications to stop
suspending when a specific application is running. That means, that
mythtv could stop gnome-power-manager from suspending when it is being
used at the moment for commflagging, tv/videos watching, music etc.

Here is a link which explains how can that be done:

What do you think about this?



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