[mythtv] HD-Homerun not scanning, where to look?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 8 16:36:41 UTC 2007

"David Shay" <david at shay.net> writes:

>> > Oh really?  That will work?  My HDHR does have a static IP on my
>> > network so I COULD do that...  Will Mythtv accept that?
>> This is late, sorry -- but yes, MythTV will accept it, and it
>> seems more reliable than any other method.

This works for me in making it reliably find the HDHR, but the
scan still shows no channels.  I'm wondering if it's because
there's no EIT information so every channel shows up like:

SCANNING: 627000000 (us-cable:91, us-irc:91)
LOCK: qam256 (ss=83 snq=90 seq=100)
PROGRAM: 2: 0.0
PROGRAM: 3: 0.0
PROGRAM: 4: 0.0
SCANNING: 633000000 (us-cable:92, us-irc:92)
LOCK: qam256 (ss=89 snq=90 seq=100)
PROGRAM: 8: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM: 51: 0.0 (encrypted)

> Haven't taken the SVN or channel-scan-branch plunge yet, but doesn't
> seem like SVN will buy me much right now.

I'm running trunk.

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