[mythtv] backend shuts down when it loses contact with frontend.

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 12:47:57 UTC 2007

   I'm wondering if this is a known problem?

   I have a remote frontend machine that connects to the backend over
a wireless network. I've seen a repeatable problem where if I lose
power on the frontend's wireless router, for even a second or two,
that the backend shuts down and I have to completely restart it by

   Before someone says 'don't lose power', which I agree with, it
seems to happen in pretty much any case where the backend breaks
communication with the frontend, such as really high network traffic.

   I'm running mythtv-0.20.1_p13344 on a Gentoo 32-bit machine using
the following flags:

[ebuild   R   ] media-tv/mythtv-0.20.1_p13344  USE="alsa dvb dvd ivtv
mmx perl vorbis xvmc (-altivec) -autostart -backendonly -crciprec
-dbox2 -debug -dts -freebox -frontendonly -hdhomerun -ieee1394 -jack
-joystick -lcd -lirc -opengl" VIDEO_CARDS="i810 -nvidia -via" 0 kB

   There don't seem to be any messages of interest in

   If there is a newer version that addresses this problem I'd like to upgrade.


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