[mythtv] Time to Vote? (as Re: Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign)

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Jun 6 19:03:05 UTC 2007

> Yes, I usually develop the designs to expand out and fill the rest of
> the screen, but not the actual content. The content will always have a
> fixed max width. So you don't end up with only white space. Examples
> of this method are pidgin.im, k12.usc.edu, metro.net,
> windowsvista.com, etc.

Don't all of these require a lot of horizontal scrolling
in the MythTV browser at NTSC 640x480 ?

The metro page also looks very bad on a standard 1920x1200
screen. I'm sure it is even more so on a large 3840x2400
screen, this appears to be mostly due to it being locked
to the left 20% of the screen while the other ones are
on the top middle of the screen and extend almost half way
down the screen.

[X      ]
[X      ]
[X      ]
[X      ]


other examples
[   X   ]
[   X   ]
[       ]
[       ]

vs. the current MythTV.org main page


I'm assuming all the designs look bad on a cell phone.
Even the old MythTV page will probably only show you
the main menu on the upper left of the page.

-- Daniel

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