[mythtv] Time to Vote? (as Re: Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign)

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Tue Jun 5 08:24:35 UTC 2007

--On maandag 4 juni 2007 17:01 -0700 Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> 

> Jean-Philippe's colors/layout are the favorites, with Herman's coming in
> at a close second (but too bloggish).

I would like to ask a few questions in my defence :-)

> At this point, I have a couple of requests to you artists..   Aim for
> something similar in layout to Jean-Phillippe's (i.e. get away from
> bloggish layouts), but see what things would look like in a color set
> more inclined to keeping people looking at the page (I'll try to
> rearrange the colors in my "newmyth" page to give some approximate ideas
> of what to aim for).  For the logo, please stick with either the plain
> silver MythTV (like Jean-Philippe and Ghost did) or the current
> bubble+sproingy like Herman's.

I don't read many blogs and the ones I do read differ quite a bit, so could 
you elaborate a bit on "bloggish", so I know what to tweak?

Also, given Jean-Philippe's new mockup (dark on white, which I personally 
think is nicer BTW), I assume the main difference would now be layout, not 
color? I prefer sites where the navigation stays at the same spot, that's 
why my front page has a menu on the left as well, that's one of the other 
main differences.

Also, a question on implementation: given your care that MythWeb should be 
(at least) useable on browsers without scripting, flash etc, what's the 
concensus on this for the main website? I think my design is doable without 
all these, with getting something quite similar on all browsers (yes, I 
think IE is a main target :-)

Finally, a question for Jean-Philippe: what happens when the users resizes 
the window, or requests a larger font? Do the boxes resize, where do 
scrollbars appear (and how would these look on your gradient background?)


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