[mythtv] MythTV vs. Vista MCE: First Impressions (Looong!)

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz caskater47 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 20:50:29 UTC 2007

> > I also think it would be hugely
> > advantageous if the frontend ran on multiple platforms using the same
> > codebase. Often times I like to be able to watch shows from my main
> desktop
> > or laptop but can't because I do not run Linux on these machines as
> > dual-booting is just a big hassle.
> People have made an effort to get mythfrontend running under cygwin, but
> again
> without the patches it won't happen.
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> Stuart Morgan
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I haven't spent any time with the myth frontend code, so pardon my ignorance
here, but I was actually thinking it would be worthwhile to revisit some of
the core elements of the myth frontend in order to abstract the platform
specific calls to a common layer, like a graphics engine that lets you use
OpenGL, DirectX, etc. For example, maybe use a graphics engine like Ogre3D?

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