[mythtv] Development Tool

Andreas Fey info at andreas-fey.com
Sat Jun 2 15:45:44 UTC 2007


new to Mythtv development i'm searching for a good development tool. I
use Eclipse (but for Java, not C++) for my daily work and i would be
glad if it could be use for Mythtv, too. I installed the CDT plugin but
acutually it seems that Eclipse thinks there are some missing libraries,
especially all header files of Mythtv. This is what happended as i set
up an plugin project. Is's terrific, because i linked the mythtv/lib
folder to my /usr/local/include directory, which Eclipse recognizes...

Does someone else also use Eclipse and could help me a bit for startup?
Or is Eclipse definetly the wrong tool for this stuff? I also heard of
some KDE development tool, but because i usually work with Eclipse and
don't like KDE, i decided to spend some hours with this configuration.

Thanks in advance,


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