[mythtv] MythWeb flash and ffmpeg

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Jun 1 23:03:42 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Are you sure you don't just have a very fast machine?

2.4Ghz p4.  And I meant what I said.  When I first wrote the handler,
there was a glitch that prevented it from killing ffmpeg when the
connection died, and it kept on encoding until it was done.  Once
someone pointed this out and it got fixed, ffmpeg goes away almost
instantly when I browse away from the page.

> And, if I close the browser (which better close all connections to the
> server), it still finishes transcoding the entire show.

Not sure what to say other than "works for me".  It won't matter in the
final version because the backend will end up doing all of the encoding.

> TTBOMK, the server never explicitly tells processes that the client is
> no longer connected (nor kills processes when the client disconnects)

In my experience, the apache process interacting with the cgi kills it
off when it decides the remote connection has hung up.  But on the
inverse of that, it will hang on as long as it thinks it can.  Maybe the
timeout settings in your apache config are set unusually high?  I don't
even know where/what those would be, though.

> If there's some httpd setting I'm missing, I'd love to hear about it. 
> If not, this may or may not be worth fixing as--once we can store
> multiple files per recording--we could just transcode it to disk so it's
> there (local/remote issues ignored for now) for next time or autoexpired
> after some interval.

That is more likely the better answer.  What currently exists in svn is
"proof of concept" -- I never intended it to be a real feature, and if
.21 were to be released today, I'd make sure all of it got removed
before the release went out.

I'll only add this feature "for real" when the backend can manage both
the files and the encoding (to deal with cutlists, etc.).

> Also, since it seems that ffmpeg is always going to quit on EOF (whether
> used directly as now or indirectly through ffserver), as long as were
> telling it to transcode a file, it won't be able to do LiveTV. 

Actually, my ffmpeg processes don't quit on eof, but stay "running" (at
0% cpu use) until I browse away from the page.


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