[mythtv] PS3, DNLA, RUI and the direction of upnp server

David mythtv at theblains.net
Fri Jun 1 15:51:26 UTC 2007

Stuart wrote...

> Ideally, a UPNP client could do everything you can do w/the
> mythfrontend
> program.  However, I very much doubt that is possible.  Never the less
> it's obvious we can improve the MythTV's UPNP server by adding features
> like UPNP RUI.
> At this point, perhaps someone could clear this up for me: Is UPNP RUI
> the same as the added support found in programs like WizD?  That is, I
> believe, WizD enhances the UPNP server / user interface by sending out
> HTML like web pages which have some special HTML code to associate
> remote control button presses with messages sent back to the UPNP
> server.  I think this is a feature found in SigmaDesign/Syabas media
> players.  For all I know, this WizD->Syabas protocol may be a Syabas
> only and not a UPNP RUI protocol.  Anyone know?

As I understand it, uPnP RUI is a way to discover/announce devices that are
capable of doing some sort of remote display/control.  The uPnP/RUI service
definition gives enough information to know how to connect and with which
protocol.  It does not dictate which remote UI protocol to use.  Currently,
the specs list these protocols as "Known Remoting Protocols":

	RDP		(Microsoft)
	VNC		(AT&T)
	XRT2		(Intel)
	LRDP		(Nokia)
	XHT		(Samsung)
	SGXML		(Siemen)
	UIF		(Philips)
	<Vendor Specific>
Also note that the remoting protocol is out of band with the uPnP stack.

What this means to me is that each vendor of a upnp/RUI client will most
likely choose their own remoting protocol and we would have to implement
each one in MythTv to support all clients.

> ...Oh, as far as rewind and fast forward.  Right now I am trying WizD
> and a Galaxy 3500 client to watch my mythtv recordings.  There is no
> fast forward or rewind.  Rather, while you are watching a video, you
> can
> press a number (1-9) and jump to that percentage of the video (i.e. 3
> gets you to 30% through the video).  You can then move by 1% jumps by
> pressing the left and right arrows.  I don't remember if that already
> works for MythTV or not.

As for FF/REW: I'm looking into a patch supplied to ticket #3344 that
potentially fixes FF/REW for certain upnp clients.  My initial testing
confirms that it does fix FF/REW for my DSM-520, however it does break
playback (no playback at all) for Vista's MediaPlayer.  (It has no effect on
the PS3... I haven't looked into the DLNA hack that was previously mentioned
in another e-mail).

--- Future direction (as I see it) for the uPnP Support ----

My near term goals are as follows (no particular order):

- Get uPnP Content Directory Service working flawlessly with all clients
(music, recordings, video, and possibly photos)

- Enhance/Fix media streaming (make it a real media streaming server).  This
includes adding support to stream live TV.

- Support live transcoding of video/music formats (part of above).  May be
able to leverage work already being done for mythweb.

- Look into purchasing the DLNA specs $500. (only if the License allows the
code developed from them to be open source, otherwise, reverse engineer as
much as possible).

- Implement a windows, C# native library for all MythTv XML & uPnP methods
(already started) to support a native windows client.

With all that said,  I have a time problem.  I'm in the middle of building a
large addition for my house, so my time is limited.  I should be done
framing it in 4-6 weeks, and will have more time to focus on MythTv.

I'm always open to comments/suggestions... now time to get back to framing
the house!

David B.

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