[mythtv] Mouse support for MythTV

Anthony D'Alberto afd1009 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:23:49 UTC 2007

>I am really interested in your patches, having a kitchen
>touchscreen gathering dust :)
>I would be willing to bring them up to current SVN, if you
>haven't already completed this (assuming I can manage to do
>it, of course!)

I appreciate the help.  It may be a couple of days before I can get the 
patches out, I had to rebuild the development workstation.  I would be very 
greatful to get these out there.

I just want to be clear though, I have not done any work getting the mouse 
to operate with the TV portion of MythTV.  That's not to say it couldn't be 
done, I just have not concentrated on this.

Let me get everything in place, and I'll try to send either the patches or 
the entire development directory.



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