[mythtv] Myth build system and user docs install. Advice needed.

Roo roo.watt at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 15:07:36 UTC 2007

After some discussion on the -users list I thought I would try to
workup a patch to install the user documentation along with the rest
of myth.

I have a couple of simple questions, and a curlier one that I thought
would best be asked here:

Should there be a "configure --disable" option to disable the user doc
installation? Although I initially thought "of course", may be it
makes more sense to force the docs to be installed as they are less
than 6MB.

The obvious install path is $PREFIX/share/doc/mythtv-XXXX, where XXXX
is the version of mythtv. Is this a reasonable assumption?

Should the version string be $${VERSION} or $${LIBVERSION}, from settings.pro

My initial thought was to create mythtv/docs/docs.pro file to define
what needs to be installed.
"qmake docs.pro" generates a Makefile that has the rules and targets
needed to install the docs, but Makefile already exists, the one to
generate the docs from the .sgml file. So there is a problem here.

Now, the main questions...

What is the best way to deal with the existing Makefile?
The original Makefile could be moved out of the way and be called as
"make -f newMakefile" to build the user docs (that are under version
control anyway).

It seems that this may break some automated processes like post commit
hooks to auto build the docs etc. I would be interested if anyone
knows if this is the case.

Maybe there is some other method using qmake (MAKEFILE = makefile for
example) but this is different to the rest of the build system, which
uses Makefile.

Any ideas, direction?

Ultimately I think it would be nice to serve the user docs from
mythweb, so maybe a plugins configure option to either specify the
docs installed location or to mirror the docs within the mythweb
Or, as pointed out in the original thread, maybe just a small patch
against mythweb.apache.conf to add directions to setup the docs.
Any preferences?



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