[mythtv] Mythgame - roms with apostrophes not showing up

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Mon Jul 30 13:43:33 UTC 2007

I'm running Axel's bleeding repo SVN (which is like 13756) and I just 
noticed I was missing a few roms in my MythGame selection. Turns out all 
roms with apostrophes in the filename are not being read during the rom 

I'm not using the romdb or doing an in depth scan (not sure if that 
matters). I did try checking the "use filename" option and re-scanning 
but that didn't help.

I have since just removed all the apostrophes since I really don't care 
if they are there or not. I'm not really savvy on how to file a bug, but 
not sure I'd want to since this might have already been fixed in a newer 
SVN. Just figured I would drop a note here for someone to see. Disregard 
if need be.


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