[mythtv] Ticket #3727: Firewire channel changing does not work for Scientific Atlanta 4250HDC

Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 02:44:40 UTC 2007

1st/ You should not be using an external channel changing program if you

> are using the firewire recorder.
> 2nd/ The internal channel changing behaviour in MythTV for the firewire
> recorder is controlled by the selection in that combo box where you
> currently have SA4250HDC selected.
> I've asked you a before to try other values in this box. In particular
> you need to try Generic, SA4200HD, SA4250HD, and DCT-6200. If any of
> those work, again without configuring the external channel changer which
> you should not be using, then I can help you. Also please try changing
> to 3 digit channels, most of the channel changing code will not work
> with 4 digit channels. If we can get 3 digit channel changing to work
> then I can help you extend it to 4 digits. DO NOT SELECT SA4250HDC IN
> THAT COMBO BOX. We do not yet support the SA4250HDC, I'm trying to help
> get it supported but I do not have this STB and can not test it myself.
> Thanks this does clear things up a little. I thought you were
> not using the firewire recorder since you were using the external
> channel changing scripts, which are only for when you are doing
> analog captures from the STB, and because you did not test using
> the internal channel changer as I requested 2 weeks ago. What
> you need to do is blank the external channel changer field and
> try the different internal channel changers. See my second message
> on ticket #3727 and please try at least Generic, SA4200HD,
> SA4250HD, and DCT-6200 with 3 digit channel numbers.
> -- Daniel

OK,  here is what i want to and here is what i have done.

What i want:

To record HD channels that range between 1400-1500 and be able to change the
channels of the STB via Firewire.

What i have working now (before any patches):

I can select SA4200 in capture card and capturing the HD channels works
In the input connection I have a IR Blaster channel changer that works but
its only 75% accurate.  Sometimes it gets the full command sometimes not.
Thats why I want firewire channel changing.

What works now with SVN:
I can still get the same functionality via the above settings with the 4200

With the SVN using the patches:
When i select SA4250HDC in capture card and use the internal channel changer
it does not allow me to record or change changing.

I have tried using the internal channel changer of all supported boxes
(generic thru 4200HD) The generic and SA selections will let me capture but
again no channel changing.

I have tried using the sa3250ch script to test channel changing
functionally.  when I first compiled the script i got the "box not detected
on the bus error".  This is when i submitted the the ticket.  Since the
patches the script does behave as if it is changing the channel but no
response by the STB.  This happens at all channel ranges 0-1500.

The goal:
Record HD channels in the 1400+ channel range and use firewire channel
changing either with the internal channel changer or an external script.
This will (Hopefully) give me more reliable changes.  Power On would be nice
too but the first goal is to get channel changing to work.

Is it completely clear what the current state is and what the goal is now?
I understand the technical bits I think we are just having issues
communicating what we need/want.

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